All Yoni Eggs and Wands are Reiki Charged

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Essential Energy Cleansing Kit


Natural Energy Cleansing Tools. 

Kit includes:

  • Sage smudging stick
  • two Palo Santo smudging sticks
  • Carnelian tumble stone.
  • includes smudging instruction guide
  • Abalone Sell and Stand sold separately 

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This kit is perfect for the Energy Cleansing ritual.
It is important to keep your  Yoni or Jade Egg Crystals energetically clean. This kit has  all the essentials tools for to help you with it. 

The Smudging stick will give a “smoke bath” to your crystal to get rid of negative energies. Smoke emits negative ions, which are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron. This ions bond to negative energy and remove it from you crystal or space.  Palo Santo sticks are particularly renowned for a smoke which gives both a clean scent, and a powerful cleanse.

The Carnelian tumble stone has the ability to cleanse other crystals. Keep it in a bag with your Yoni or Jade Egg, and it will help keep your crystal energetically pure.  (We offer additional ideas for cleansing your stone on our blog!)

At Yoni Egg Journey we offer wide variety of accessories for your Yoni Egg.

Yoni Egg Stands are excellent for wiping your egg safe in position. Specially during sun or full moon charging.

Essential Energy Cleansing Kit will help you to keep your Egg and Wand energetically cleansed.

Stringing Kit is great for drilled Yoni Eggs. We offer 100% organic unbleached cotton twine along with hole cleaners.

Yoni Egg Bags will keep your egg, or multiple eggs safely discreet.

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