How to use a Yoni Egg - Practice Guide

Yoni Egg Journey Guide

Congratulations! Your first and precious gemstone finally arrived! It means that initiates your Yoni Egg journey and that it's time to slowly but surely get to know it, connect with it, and feel its healing, relaxing, and powerful energy that flows through your body until you become one! It will lead you to places you've never been before, allowing you to feel the full joy, pleasure, and satisfaction of life.

But, before introducing the Yoni Egg practice to your daily routine, you should first cleanse your stone carefully and thoroughly. Here you can find the detailed instructions on cleaning methods.

And now, when your Crystal is freed from any negative energies, are you ready to embark on a new and unforgettable adventure?


Yoni Egg Practice Guide for beginner

How to Use a Yoni Egg

There are several steps after cleaning that you should follow because if you skip one of them, you may not be able to get the best out of the Crystal.

Here you will find a detailed how to use a Yoni Egg guide, so go ahead and enjoy reading!


How to String the Yoni Egg

This step applies to those whose heart chose a drilled Egg. Before you start your Yoni Egg practice, you should string the stone with natural cotton twine or unscented and unwaxed dental floss because it's hygienic and can't damage the Egg. It should be enough about 18 inches of the twine. Then string the twine through both holes. And finally, tie a secure knot with the two loose ends in the part furthest from the Egg. And voilà! Your Crystal is ready for a long-awaited moment!


How to String the Yoni Egg

Yoni Egg Practice

Relaxing Setting

It's crucial to find a peaceful and relaxing place where you can start with the Yoni Egg routine. You need to isolate yourself from the obstruction and external influences because this is your holy moment, the moment of getting to know your precious stone. You will probably want to be nude and without underwear, so it's better to have this time only for you and the forthcoming Yoni Egg practice journey.



You may or may not choose to use the lubricant, depending on your natural lubrication. If you opt for lubricants, Coconut Oil is a highly recommended one. Not only has this oil excellent antibacterial properties, but it will also help to Yoni Egg slides gently into your yoni.



Warming-up is one of the most critical steps in this practice. Many women choose to lie down because they feel most relaxed in that position. But it would help if you took a position that best suits you.

You can start with a breast and nipple massage, going gently through your belly, pelvis, and finally to your yoni. This is how you engage the endocrine system and stimulate sexual energy. Dedicate yourself to every part of the body, and feel free to spend more time on the parts that turn you on. Feel the desire and excitement grow in you. Surrender to that pleasure until you feel that your yoni is open enough to accept that beautiful Egg.


Warm up the Yoni Egg between your hands, legs, or breasts, wherever you like. Then put the larger end of the Egg near your yoni, and start to massage your clitoris with it. Make circular moves, and indulge in pleasure. Allow the Egg to connect with you and feel the warmth and moisture of your yoni. Only when you feel an opening sensation, insert Yoni Egg, and enjoy the moment. Maybe you won't be ready to accept it right away, but that's OK. It's vital not to push yourself but to listen to your yoni and its desires. Let your yoni's intelligence lead you to an entirely new world, the world of freedom, unlimited pleasure, and joy.

Wearing the Yoni Egg

The first week

Wearing the Egg initially could be a challenging task because it can drop during the exercise. But don't worry, it happens all the time. Your yoni will react better on the stone when you are completely relaxed. Wear the Egg for 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week.

If you decided to sleep with your Yoni Egg, keep in mind that there is a mighty information exchange between your yoni and your brain. Working with the subconscious can be exhausting and tiring, and sleeping with the Crystal can cause vivid dreams and mood swings. So it's better to start your Yoni Egg practice during the weekend, to have your body and mind enough time to accept and digest the information.

The second week

During the second week, you can wear the Egg from about 15 minutes to an hour a day, three times a week. You may not feel the gemstone at first, but your muscles need time to get used to carrying the Egg. Most women have never utilized pelvic muscles, so it's better to start slowly and carefully. Never force yourself, listen to your yoni, and respect the information it sends you.


If, however, you have trouble wearing the Egg, don't panic. Try to wear it while sitting every day for about 10, 15 minutes. Focus on squeezing the Egg. If you still don't feel it, concentrate on the pelvic area and imagine squeezing it. That's how you will wake up the part of your brain responsible for controlling these muscles. Just take your time, and you will see how your yoni and Egg will find the common path. The Yoni Egg practice is, among other things, here to help your pelvic muscles get stronger.


That Inevitable Cramping

Some women feeling cramping after the doing Yoni Egg practice. As well as after every workout, pelvic muscles also get tired.

If you feel an unpleasant sensation during the exercise, take a break, and continue later or even the next day. Don't push yourself; every muscle needs some rest, so as the pelvic one.

But, if you feel sharp pain during or after a workout, please consult a pelvic specialist immediately. Yoni Egg practice should be a pleasant feeling for you and not a set of unbearable pains.


Releasing the Egg

The Egg might come out on its own during or after your routine, or even when you wake up in the morning after wearing it all night, and that's all fine. It's probably the sign that your yoni is tired and needs some rest.

But, if you want to release it voluntarily, you can sit on the edge of the chair and gently bear down with your pelvic muscles. Be ready to catch up with the Egg with your hands.

If you wear a drilled Egg, then the releasing process is a bit easier since it has twine. While pushing, take the string and gently pull it down. Don't rush, but take it slowly, listening to your yoni and your breath.

Workout Time

Most women are not aware of their pelvic muscles and practically have never used them during life. But, they also need some workout to become stronger, more flexible, and healthier. The good news is that these muscles have the ability to regenerate themselves quickly. There are plenty of exercises that can help you strengthen your pelvic floor and make that part more elastic and vibrant.

So let's see which Yoni Egg exercises are good for newbies and which for the experienced practitioners.


Yoni Egg Exercises for beginners

  • Kegels.You've probably all heard of Kegel exercises and that they are widely recommended to women after giving birth to get their pelvis back in place. It's about alternating lightly squeezing and relaxing these muscles. If you've never tried this exercise before and don't know how to perform it for the first time, you could stop a urine flow while urinating. This is the best way to engage your PC muscle or so-called pubococcygeus muscle. Keep in mind that no muscle movement should be seen from outside the body. Therein lies all the beauty of Yoni Egg practice-you can perform it anytime and anywhere, and no one will ever know.

  • Exercises you can do anywhere. The advantage of this training is that you can accomplish it anytime and anywhere, except while driving a car!

  • Blinking. The word blinking comes from the speed at which the exercise should be done: contract your pelvic muscles as fast as possible, and then relax. Try to do ten contractions in ten seconds, and repeat it five times in a row.

  • Elevator. As the name implies, you should squeeze and lift the muscles when inhale. Count to three, and then exhale and relax. Repeat it 10 to 20 times, depending on your readiness. It's vital not to keep breathing during the workout.

  • Yoni Egg as an addition to other practices. When you feel ready, you can start adjoining Yoni Egg practice to other exercises, such as belly dance, yoga, pilates, or even hiking. The Egg will do its healing work while you're doing yours. But, keep in mind that it could drop while laughing, for example. So, let your muscles always be ready to catch it!


Yoni Egg Advanced exercises

For the following exercises, we divided the muscles of the vaginal canal into three sections:

I The Lower Gate

This section refers to the vagina, urethra, and rectum muscles, at the pelvis's very base, right at the openings. You should feel a slight squeezing during these exercises. So, let's see how to perform them to activate this part of your body:

  • Elevator. While inhaling, you should begin to contract the muscles from the sides counting to three, tighten them hard, and then relax while exhaling. Repeat it 10 to 20 times.

  • The alternative of the previous exercise. On the inhale, you should hold the lower gate section and then completely relax while exhaling. Repeat this exercise 10 to 20 times.

You might not feel any movement at first, but don't worry. Just keep trying, and the most important-try to erase all the thoughts from the mind and stay focused only on the lower gate. You will see that success is guaranteed!

II The Sacred Apex

The second section is located on the vaginal canal in front of the cervix. While training this part of your body, you will have a sensation as if the muscles at the base of the spine, right above the anus. And now you are probably wondering how to engage them?

The best technique is to stand up and touch the sacrum with your hands. Then contract the coccyges muscles without engaging the buttocks muscles. Try to repeat this a couple of times, and then take a break. The next step is squeezing these muscles while inhaling, simultaneously pressing forward and down as if trying to get them to touch your pubic bone in front of your body. Repeat it 10 to 20 times.

III The Pleasure Palace

Based in the middle of the vaginal canal, the pleasure palace is the main culprit for all that pleasure and satisfaction while practicing the Yoni Egg. By simulating G spot, this workout will bring you an incredible experience and unforgettable O-gasms. To open the door of freedom and joy, you have to learn and master the following exercises first:

  • Elevator. While inhaling, begin to contract from the sides counting to three, and with every breath, clench it harder. Then relax while exhaling. Repeat this training 10 to 20 times.

  • The variation. Squeeze the pleasure palace section and hold it while inhaling. Then exhale and relax. Repeat it 10 to 20 times.

If you want to ensure that the Yoni Egg practice really works, place the middle finger into your vagina in the shower and squeeze all three sections of the vagina one by one. Don't be discouraged if you don't feel the progress right away; the most important is to keep trying and never give up!


The Bottom Line

As you can see, Yoni Egg practice is not as complex as it first seemed, but the crucial is to exercise every day a bit, rather than not training at all.

Keep in mind that your Crystal has healing properties and will help you meet your higher self. But, to liberate yourself enough to reach your main goal, you should bring to perfection the techniques mentioned above, one at a time. The purpose of the Yoni Egg practice is to feel pleasure and happiness and not experience them as obligatory. If so, it's better not to do them at all.


We hope that this detailed "How to use a Yoni Egg guide" will make your adventure more enjoyable and easier.