How to Clean your Yoni Egg and Wand

The First Thing You Should know about cleansing the Yoni Egg

If the Yoni Egg practice is the new one in your daily routine, you should know a couple of vital things for its longevity and full capacity. First, you have to learn how to take care of it to work undisturbed. Before the very first usage, you should clean it carefully and correctly.

Yoni Eggs and Wand

It's well-known that Crystals absorb the energy from anyone who holds them or from the environment. In order not to mix up your Yoni Egg's power with someone else's, it's highly recommended to clean it regularly. Considering that Yoni Egg soaks both positive and negative vibrations, you should chase away the other people's presence so that it could absorb only your vibrations. To connect deeply with your gemstone, it's better to clean it thoroughly in a few minutes. The stronger relationship with the Crystal, the closer you will be to your inner self.

Besides the very first washing, you should also cleanse and re-energize it at least once a month. That's how your precious gemstone will always be loved and vibrant.

There are several cleaning methods, and they all could be applied to clean your Crystal Wand, Gemstones, and Jewelry. Which one you'll try out depends on your habits and lifestyle.

Only after the detailed cleaning, your Crystal is ready for use.

How to Clean Your Yoni Egg and Wand?


Boiled water:

When your long-desired Yoni Egg finally arrives, first you should cleanse it physically:

  • Boil the water
  • Put the water into a bowl to cool off a bit
  • Place the Yoni Egg into the bowl and leave it there for about 10, 15 minutes
  • You could also append a couple of drops of Tea Tree Oil, vinegar, or chemical-free soap for an even better cleaning experience
  • Rinse the Crystal off
  • And finally, leave it to dry.

Simple as that! That's how you will clear any energies left from packaging and shipping, so it will be much easier for you to connect with your Crystal Yoni Egg or Wand.

Now you have the perfect Yoni Egg ready for the first use.



As you already know, the Eggs are energetic tools, and with that in mind, it's better to clean them regularly. In addition to the physical, there is also energetical cleansing. So, if you don't want that your Yoni Egg holds unwanted negativity, you should clean it energetically, too.

Luckily, it's a quick and easy process, so let's see which methods are the best for your Crystal to be completely cleansed of other people's influence:


1.Running water. 

This is probably the most common and the quickest way to clean your Crystal energetically:

  • Set the Egg under running water
  • Concentrate on your Egg and its energy
  • Then say aloud or inwardly to expel all the negative energy and return to the original vibration
  • Slowly but surely, you will feel how the heavy energy leaves the Egg, and how it becomes lighter, just like before the use.

The whole process can last less than a minute or even more, depending on your Crystal and the amount of negative energy accumulated in it.


2.Brown rice.

Did you know that brown rice is one of the best instruments to clean the Egg from any negative impact? It quickly detects the negative energy, and that's exactly what makes it the great energetic purificator:

  • Put the Crystal into a bowl
  • Cover it with the brown rice
  • Then say aloud or inwardly: "Brown Rice, please remove all the negativity from this Yoni Egg."
  • Leave it for about three hours, or even a whole night
  • After the process is over, eliminate the rice.



There are two ways to perform smudging, with a Palo Santo Stick or with a Sage Smudging Stick.

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Palo Santo

Palo Santo, also known as "Holy Wood," becomes more and more popular nowadays due to its positive impact on free radical damage. This purifying substance is the ideal choice for cleaning the negative energy away from your gemstone and bringing in the good one. It has a fresh, sweet smell, and it's an excellent healing tool for a variety of health elements.


A powerful purifying weapon, Sage is a sacred plant that quickly gets rid of the bad, bringing in the good vibes again.

When you burn this plant, it has a mighty and earthy scent. Did you know that Sage smoke can remove up to 94% of bacteria in the air leaving your room bacteria-free up to a month after use?

And this is how the smudging process should flow:

  • First, you have to prepare the following instruments: one smudge stick of your choice, one fireproof container to grab ashes, a lighter, and the Crystal, of course
  • Then you should hold the stick above the fireproof container and light it up
  • Let the smudge stick burn for about 30 seconds, not more
  • Blow it out
  • Hold the Egg over the rising smoke and let it cover every part of your gemstone
  • Then ask the spirit of Palo Santo or Sage to help you cleanse your stone
  • Say loudly or in your mind: "The smoke of the Palo Santo/Sage, please remove any negative energy from this Yoni Egg."
  • Extinguish the smudging stick.

Smudging will leave your Egg with a pure originally energy ready for another practice.


Note: It's strongly recommended to do the smudging in the well-ventilated room, or even better outside.

WARNING: When burning the stick, you should be careful all the time, and please make sure that after the whole process, you really extinguished the stick.



It's widely known that some specific Crystals could also purify the other Crystals. One of them is Carnelian. This is probably the easiest cleaning system:

  • Place the Carnelian in a bag with your gemstone, and it will finish the job alone.

It would help if you also cleaned the Carnelian from time to time with one of the techniques mentioned above to have its full cleansing potential.


The Bottom Line

If you wondered how to clean your Yoni Egg and Wand, now you know that it's a piece of cake.

You should rinse the gemstone after every cleaning. And to recharge it, you should put it in the sun or under the moonlight.

When your precious stone is thoroughly washed, purified, and recharged, it's recommended to put it in some sacral place, specially made for it. That's how you will always have your Crystal untouched, powerful, and beautiful!