Color Effects and Meanings of Yoni Egg Crystals

Color Effects and Meanings of Yoni Egg Crystals

Each color has its own unique vibration and characteristic. The “hot” colors like in Red Jasper and Carnelian are energizing and stimulating.
On the other hand, white and paler colors like White Jade and Natural Agate tend to be calming.
Color transparency of the Yoni Egg crystal also has its own characteristics, it can radiate the energizing energies or dissipating energies, as well as harmonizing.
Dark colors are more transmute and ground energy.


Now lets explore each individual color:

Black and Brown Color Yoni Eggs

Black and Brown crystals are protective. They absorb negative energy and then neutralized it or transmuted into positive energy. They are excellent energy detoxifiers. Black color is also a grounding color, that can be used to feel more secure and confident. They are excellent for long term use, but they need regular cleaning. 
Black Obsidian Yoni Egg



Silver and Gray Color Yoni Eggs

Traveling and journeying is one of the properties of Silver and Gray color crystals. They help with safe passage way, including the journey of self knowledge. These colors are helpful for doing shadow work, discovering rejected, abandoned, disowned and isolated parts of Self. Silver and Gray color crystals heal the energetic patterns that connect to the source of the wound.
Natural Agate Yoni Egg



Red Color Yoni Eggs

Red crystals are energizing, stimulate creativity, and activate libido. They help with generating the  energy that's required, as well as circulating it. They can be very stimulating, so it is recommended to use it for short-term use. This color resonates with the Base (1) chakra.
Red Jasper Yoni Egg



Orange Color Yoni Eggs

Orange crystals are have activation and combining energy properties. Many attract abundance and vitality, stimulate creativity and assertiveness. They are excellent to have when starting a new project, because they get things done. This is a Sacral (2) chakra color.
Carnelian Yoni Egg



Yellow Color Yoni Eggs

Warm, sun like energy are qualities of Yellow crystals. They are helping with balancing emotions and intellect, which promotes clarity. Perfect for helping with seasonal depressions and gloomy days. Yellow crystals are bringing the warm feeling energy. The Solar plexus (3) chakra is related to this color. 
Picture Jasper Yoni Egg
Tiger Eye Necklace 



Green Color Yoni Eggs

Well being, calming and cleansing energy is radiated from Green crystals. They help provide emotional healing and support feeling of compassion and tranquility. Grounding energy to mother earth, which promotes energy of stability. This is a Heart (4) chakra color.
Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg
Green Aventurine Yoni Egg



Blue Color Yoni Eggs

Blue crystals are excellent for self expression and communication. They help with speaking out about problems, or conditions in a harmonious way. They are also known to be the link to a high state of consciousness. They can help with guiding spiritual energy and assist with intuition. Blue crystals  resonate with the Throat (1) chakra.
Blue Jasper Yoni Egg



Indigo and Purple Color Yoni Eggs

Powerful consciousness and spirit connector energy is linked to Indigo and Purple crystals. It's a higher vibration color that stimulates spiritual awakening qualities. These color crystals promote connection to intuition and awareness, which makes them perfect to do meditation with. Third Eye (6) and Crown (7) chakras is related to this color.
Amethyst Yoni Egg



Pink Color Yoni Eggs

Truly gentle, Pink crystals vibrate unconditional love and promote forgiveness. They help with attracting love and elevate self love. The energy of comfort is radiated from Pink color crystals which makes them very useful for emotional heart-healing. They promote acceptance and ideal for long term use. This color can be used for a heart chakra.
Rose Quartz Yoni Egg
Rhodonite Yoni Egg



Clear or White Color Yoni Eggs

Pure light and heightened consciousness vibration is the quality of Clear and White crystals. They help purify and focus energy, as well as, clarifying situations and giving insights to information. They are powerful energizers, that radiate energy into surrounding environment.  This color resonates with the Crown (1) chakra.
Clear Milky Quartz Yoni Egg
White Jade Yoni Egg



Combination and bi-colored Color Yoni Eggs

Combination of the colors in the crystal create multi possibilities. They synergize the powers of the colors and make them holistically work together. These type of crystals are often more effective than individual crystals, because their vibrations are raised to a height energetic frequency.
Rhodonite Yoni Egg
Unakite Yoni Egg
Blue Jasper Yoni Egg
Bloodstone Yoni Egg

This is a general color energy vibration guide that can help you discover your perfect Yoni Egg Color that would be best for your journey.