Black Obsidian Yoni Egg "Cleans and Reignite"


Black Obsidian Yoni Egg gemstone benefits the detoxification and cleansing of the negative stock energy.
It’s a stone that energies with the erupting volcanic power.

All Yoni and Jade Eggs are all natural Stones. 

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  • Sage cleansed and Reiki-charged with good vibes
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For beginners we recommend to start with Medium Drilled, or Large Drilled if you gave natural birth.

Black Obsidian Yoni Egg Properties

Cleansing, Detoxing and Igniting

Energy: Fire and Earth
Chakra: Base, Sacral
Tarot Suit: Wands

The Black Obsidian Yoni Egg is one of the secrets of a better energetic life. As we go through our daily lives, we pick up a tremendous amount of negative energy, in the stresses of our jobs, the news, and the simple rough-and-tumble of circumstance. The Black Obsidian Yoni Egg will absorb that force and remove it painlessly from your body, straining it out like a charcoal filter gets rid of impurities in liquid. It also helps “immunize” you, to keep negative energy out!

It likewise assists you in the difficult process of getting rid of some of the biggest sources of negativity in your life – getting rid of bad memories, mental and physical toxicity, and negative life patterns.

This is an extremely direct Yoni Egg. It doesn’t mess around. It’s unabashedly powerful (but not overpowering). Its effects can be very tangible. It can remove inner blockages, which corresponds with helping you remove things that block your path to happiness in life.

And the Obsidian Egg just ignites the sacred fire within you. It’s tremendously good at helping you claim (or reclaim) your true potential.

Black Obsidian Yoni Egg Benefits 

Black obsidian yoni egg benefits can improve your life in many ways. They consist of a gemstone whose proven metaphysical and physical properties have been experienced since ancient times and continue to play a critical role in healing and spiritual work. It provides an energizing effect, transforms negative thoughts into positive outcomes and ensures total protection.

Using a black obsidian yoni egg is valuable for cleansing and detoxifying a build up of pessimism. It is important to ensure that all the yoni eggs you use are fully natural stones that can successfully pave the way for an enthusiastic approach to life.

As people move through life from day to day, there is a tendency to absorb a lot of negative energy through various circumstances, ongoing events and demanding work schedules. A black obsidian yoni egg is capable of removing that dark force from your body in a painless way to eliminate any impure elements and give you immunity against further negativity.

Yoni eggs have steadily gained a reputation for being powerful without being overwhelming. They create real and physical effects by removing internal clogs, which enables you to get rid of anything that obstructs your journey to a satisfying life.

The obsidian yoni egg also sparks the fire that resides in you and gives you a practical way to access your immense potential. You can expect this stone to compel you to face your truth and be more sincere with yourself and other people. It is also useful for taking away feelings of shame and gives you the confidence to pursue your goals.


Yoni Egg Sizes:





1.2 x 0.8in

30 x 20mm


1.6 x 1in

40 x 25mm


1.75 x 1.2in

45 x 30mm


2 x 1.4in

50 x 35mm


Please note: that each of our Yoni Eggs is carved from pure raw crystal. They are buffed and polished to maximal smoothness. In all Yoni Eggs, across all brands, due to the nature of crystals and the necessary process of forming them into the requisite egg shapes, it is normal and natural for there to be natural variety: differences in colors within a crystal, minor surface imperfections. This is part of the natural power of the Yoni Egg and part of what makes yours individual. As long as there are no jagged edges or sharp fractures (we perform our own inspection, but please do your own, as well, as you get to know your Yoni Egg) – then your Egg is safe for use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Delivered in every way!

I ordered my obsidian yoni egg as a Christmas present for myself. First of all, I ordered it to my P.O.Box, that delivered my egg to Colombia, and it arrived in perfect condition. It comes with two little nice bags and a beautiful box that I actually kept and use to store my yoni egg. Not a single scratch on the egg and I felt its energy right away when I got it out of the box. It's powerful. I took my time to actually use the yoni egg a few times before writing this review. From day 1 of use I noticed healing in terms of health, I feel more vital, with more energy, and I had a lot of muscle tension at the entrance of my vagina, so I left it there not inside, but right at the entrance and the tension is gone. Emotionally I feel more vibrant and happier. When I use it I feel memories coming up as well as the area physically moving inside, or where I place the egg. I use it in and outside my body, and it works amazing. I use it for healing, and I use a technique where whatever memory and emotion comes up, I inhale the opposite emotion (a positive one) or just light and then I exhale and visualize the energy of that negative emotion being sucked by the obsidian, and I do it as many times as the feeling or memory that comes up calls for.

Hila Bensimhon
Nice stone.

Great size.

Zuanelly Tello

I got the large drilled one bc I have had two vaginal births and that fit me so good the first day I felt like a boost of energy in my whole body, the egg doesn’t bother me it fits me well with my anatomy and I could hold it for hours next day I did not feel the egg and I really could carry it all day, I just love it ! 🥚

Doriane Ray

Black Obsidian Yoni Egg "Cleans and Reignite"

Brittany Fa

I love my black obsidian yoni egg. I really appreciate how the stone feels cool to the touch, and it's a perfect size for me!