All Yoni Eggs and Wands are Reiki Charged

About Yoni Egg Journey

“Beauty is to recognize how full of Love you are. Sensuality is to let some of that Love shine through your body.”
― Nityananda Das

What makes the Yoni Egg Journey a special place? We don't just bring you the finest Yoni Eggs; we're all about giving you information, guided meditation, tools, conversation, and support to make sure that you really unlock the potential of your Yoni Egg.

We are a team of professional Usui Reiki Masters and Crystal Reiki Masters, that obsoletely love what we do. Each order is getting a special Reiki Charge by one of us and it is filled with positive universal energy. Every month we are preforming a distance charging and attuning of all the Yoni Eggs and Wands that are in hands of our loving customers.

We are passionate about health and passionate about recognizing the value of both Western and traditional medicine and science. When we began our own experiments with Yoni Eggs, we began to see such powerful positive effects that we knew we had to bring it to the rest of the world.

We're on our own Yoni Egg Journey. Come travel with us! Write to us any time, we'd love to hear your stories. Remember, your Yoni Egg Journey is all about you.

Basic Yoni Egg Exercises

by YE Journeys | 11 January, 2020

There are many exercises that you can perform using a Yoni Egg. We would like to cover the basic ones first. 

Reiki Energy and Crystals

by YE Journeys | 19 December, 2019

Crystals that are charged with Reiki energy have the potential to connect you with the rising consciousness around you and help you align with it and use it to help yourself and others...

How to clean your Yoni Egg and Wand

by YE Journeys | 17 December, 2019

It is essential to clean your Yoni or Jade Egg Crystals on a regular bases. This methods can be used to clean your Crystal Wand, Jewelry, or any other Crystal Gemstones that you have...