Clear Milky Quartz Yoni Egg "Fulfillment"


Clear Quartz Yoni Egg gemstone is a wish making stone; it can be programmed mentally by putting the message in to it.
It’s a stone of high vibration that can help to feel uplifted and energetic.

All Yoni and Jade Eggs are all natural Stones. 

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  • Includes a yoni egg instruction guide
  • Sage cleansed and Reiki-charged with good vibes
  • Free gift when you buy 2 or more eggs

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For beginners we recommend to start with Medium Drilled, or Large Drilled if you gave natural birth.

Clear Milky Quartz Yoni Egg Properties

Light, Uplifter, and Energizer

Energy: Earth and Air
Chakra: Crown
Tarot Suit: Wands

The Clear Quartz Yoni Egg is unique. Sometimes we hear of chemistry being “electric”. It’s meant as a metaphor, but it reflects some truths of both body and spirit. All bodies have an electrical spark within, and the spirit itself is similarly a spark inside you. Neither is visible, but they’re both things we can feel.

This Yoni Egg’s effects on your amatory system is like a bolt of liveliness, making you more dynamic, increasing your sencual potentiation.

Clear quartz effectuates your energy, basically amplifying your existing strength. This goes for your aura and your immune system; regular practice with the Clear Quartz Yoni Egg often comes with the benefits of becoming ill less often. It cleanses you very deeply, leaving you refreshed, as if you’d just come from a great shower.

In addition, it helps energy move through your body, which is highly important. Life often gives us situations and feelings which block us up—our chakras, our thoughts, our systems of interacting with the world. Clear quartz pulls down those blockages, clearing you up, leaving you free and harmonious. This is a stable energy that can be programmed with your intent and desires.