All Yoni Eggs and Wands are Reiki Charged

Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg "Purity and Pleasure"

Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg gemstone benefits the purity of the energy.
It helps to create profound connection to Yoni and busts the pleasure zest.
This is an one of the first stones that was used as a Yoni Egg.

All Yoni and Jade Eggs are all natural Stones.
Each egg purchase:
  • Is shipped discreetly
  • comes safely packaged
  • includes a two keepsake/weight lifting pouches
  • includes a yoni egg instruction guide
  • Sage cleansed and Reiki-charged with good vibes
  • Free gift when you buy 2 or more eggs
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For beginners we recommend to start with Medium Drilled, or Large Drilled if you gave birth.

Nephrite Jade: Protective, Gentle, and Purity

Elements: Earth and Water
Chakra: Heart
Tarot Suit: Pentacles

Have you ever seen someone with an air of calm serenity and said, “That’s what I want”? Then the Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg may be what you seek.

Confidence, security, stability: they’re all parts of the strength and resilience that’s already inside you, and just needs to be brought out. The Nephrite Jade Egg’s healing, puissant energy quietly pulses through your body, building a lasting connection between your potential and your current life.

It’s anchored in two worlds, like the Moon in a Tarot deck, enhancing you spiritually with lucid dreams, protection, and purity of essence, while anchoring you to reality and letting you see the support system around you.

Sensually, it grounds your sacred energy, enhancing your mind-body connection to let you really feel all the pleasure you deserve, while augmenting that pleasure and making it more potent.

In traditional medicine, this egg is considered to have qualities to rejuvenate the kidneys by balancing acid fields, and calming both the nervous and reproductive systems.

Small: 35mm x 25mm
Medium: 42mm x 30mm
Large: 50mm x 35mm

Please note: that each of our Yoni Eggs is carved from pure raw crystal. They are buffed and polished to maximal smoothness. In all Yoni Eggs, across all brands, due to the nature of crystals and the necessary process of forming them into the requisite egg shapes, it is normal and natural for there to be natural variety: differences in colors within a crystal, minor surface imperfections. This is part of the natural power of the Yoni Egg and part of what makes yours individual. As long as there are no jagged edges or sharp fractures (we perform our own inspection, but please do your own, as well, as you get to know your Yoni Egg) – then your Egg is safe for use.

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