All Yoni Eggs and Wands are Reiki Charged

Tree of Life on Clear Quartz Point Pendulum

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  • Natural Clear Quartz Point
  • with Tree of Life (chakra gemstone branches) 
  • Size: 3 in long and 7/8 in wide

Almost every human religion and mythology has a record of some kind of primordial “tree of life”.  In the Kaballah, it symbolizes the unfolding of the Universe; in Norse belief, the World-Tree nourished everything.

The clarity and focusing properties of the large clear quartz point stone enhances the Chakra gems on the three.  Wear this pendant to help your new Yonic power mesh with the world around you, to help you interact with both the physical and spiritual world, and to augment the experiences you have with your own precious Yoni Eggs.

Nourish yourself by wearing the very Tree of Life itself!

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      At Yoni Egg Journey we offer wide variety of accessories for your Yoni Egg.

      Yoni Egg Stands are excellent for wiping your egg safe in position. Specially during sun or full moon charging.

      Essential Energy Cleansing Kit will help you to keep your Egg and Wand energetically cleansed.

      Stringing Kit is great for drilled Yoni Eggs. We offer 100% organic unbleached cotton twine along with hole cleaners.

      Yoni Egg Bags will keep your egg, or multiple eggs safely discreet.

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