Meditation With Yoni Egg

Meditation With Yoni EggYoni_Egg_Journeys

Sacral and Powerful Yoni

Did you know that your yoni is the essence of divine feminine power, sexuality, pleasure, and freedom? Not only is it the most potent part of our bodies, but it is also susceptible. For that reason, every woman on Earth should take care of her yoni, not only during the monthly menstrual cycles but all the time. Because only a satisfied and self-aware woman is a powerful woman.

How to Become That Powerful Woman?

Did you ever hear of the term "The Kundalini Rising?" The Kundalini is the original energy that is very difficult to release. When it rises, it is released through sacral chakra. Spiritual awakening is not possible until the Kundalini energy rises, and it is very hard, but not impossible to achieve.

Basically, this awakening of the inner knowledge is what we all should strive for. One of the most potent ways to connect with ourselves at the highest level is undoubtedly the meditation with Yoni Egg.

When the yoni is balanced, you become that powerful woman you have always dreamed of. It means that you will finally meet groundedness, confidence, and sensual prowess in their authenticity and unique light. When you connect spiritually with your yoni, you will discover the rush of energy, power, and magic. These feelings will lift you into clouds allowing you to meet the primordial self.

In the next few lines, we will explain how the meditation process can liberate our primal energy and help us become a better version of ourselves.


Meditation With Yoni Egg is The Key

Union with the Yoni Egg is crucial for success in any field, especially love and self-love. By exploring your body, read your yoni, you will better understand your needs and will be able to release the accumulated energy during the day, either positive or negative. Through that relaxation, you will discover the real power of the yoni. The aim is aligning with your higher self through the liberation process.

The Yoni Egg is used for a meditation process, just like any other crystal. Gemstones are perfect assistants in meditation because they deepen personal energy while connecting with universal powers. And that is where the meditation comes into play. Mediation with Yoni Egg allows the powerful energies to flow through your yoni, veins, and the whole body. And that is the feeling worth reaching.

Adding the Yoni Egg practice to your meditation only elevates and heightens this outstanding experience!

How Does Meditation With Yoni Egg Work?

Once you have chosen the ideal Yoni Egg, you are free to start your first Yoni Egg practice. You can begin with anything that relaxes you, and meditation is the best way to relieve your thoughts and body of stress completely.

Make sure to find a place where no one will disturb you. You can also light some candles or incense sticks for even more incredible sensations.Take a comfortable position; you can lie down, sit, or even take a warm bath, whatever pleases you the most. Release your mind and body as much as possible and try to concentrate just on the meditation. It is also important to relax the whole body, including your shoulders and necks because these are the places where the stress usually accumulates the most. Inhale, hold your breath for a few seconds and then exhale. Repeat the breathing method a couple of times, and once your body is entirely relaxed, the meditation with Yoni Egg can begin.


Everyone should have their own ceremony when initiating their Egg. You can start with self-massaging with the help of Yoni Egg. Feel free to rub it lightly through your breasts, belly, pelvis, and finally, yoni. The massage should help you to achieve natural lubrication. If you are struggling with lubrication, you can always utilize organic coconut oil. Once your body is ready, you can start by inserting the Yoni Egg with the thicker end, not with the sharper end. It will be your assistant of trust during your meditation journey. The aim is to connect with the Yoni Egg, the way it becomes the inseparable part of you. Only then will you discover how powerful and energetic the residence of union could be. With every breath you take, you will become more relaxed, more and more at peace. Be aware of your yoni, and let it feel that beautiful rush of energy.


Don't feel guilty or ashamed; try to accept the Yoni Egg as an indispensable part of you. The first time may be difficult for you to relax; you can drop the Yoni Egg during the exercise, but no worries, it happens to everyone. The most important is to find the position that fits you perfectly and to focus as much as possible on the Yoni Egg and your sacral yoni. Try to think of them as one. Only when you feel the Yoni Egg belongs to you, do you entirely achieve success.

Let the Yoni Egg travel to your body, mind, and veins. Merge with it. Only for an instant, try to tighten your muscles, and then release them. Be aware of the pleasure; don't be afraid to enjoy it. By accepting the Yoni Egg, you learn self-love and self-confidence.

Focus on your chi, and bring yourself to an O-gasm, controlling your energy until a climax. Let the positive energy flow through your yoni. Feel free to bring this delicious and inviting feeling with you. Once you are completely relaxed, you will feel the happiness overwhelm you. Accept that happiness because the more satisfied you are, the closer to the primal energy.


Don't forget to breathe deeply throughout the whole procedure, and soon a newfound pleasure will become part of your everyday routine. The vital part of the process is listening to your body, its needs, and its limitations. The first time is challenging for everyone, and mediation helps you gain a deeper connection with your Yoni Egg. Once you are connected, there are no more limits for you. The power of yoni will lead you to pleasure, freedom, and satisfaction.

Let yourself dive into the world of wonder and power.


Benefits of Meditation With Yoni Egg

As you can see, meditation not only helps you to continue your day stress-free and guilt-free, but it also aids you to find the common language with your Yoni Egg. Only when you are deeply merged you will find out the real primordial feminine power of your yoni. And as the method used to achieve diverse goals, the meditation is a beneficial and potent technique, and a sort of anchoring reminder to stay present.

There are many benefits of meditation with Yoni Egg, so let's take a more in-depth look at them:

  • Strengthens the container of your feminine creative life force
  • Helps you to become aware of yourself as an observer
  • The grounding effects of Yoni Eggs match perfectly with the meditation process
  • Strengthens your physical and emotional vessel as a temple
  • It is your guide to Spiritual ascension
  • Encourages love and self-esteem
  • Increases fertility
  • Enhances creativity
  • Acts like a stress and pain reliever
  • Promotes deeper awareness of vaginal muscles
  • Balances and strengthens the pelvic floor muscles
  • Increases libido and pleasure during the intimate experience with your partner
  • Helps you to more comfortable achieve O-gasms by increasing their power and frequency
  • Encourages healing dreams
  • Reduces painful menstruations and PMS as well
  • Assists postpartum recovery
  • Heals past sexual trauma
  • Prevents incontinence
  • And much more.

As a result, we have meditation as a potent tool for achieving the awakening of inner knowledge.


The Purpose of Meditation with Yoni Egg

There are many reasons why someone decides to initiate meditation with Yoni Egg. Some women start using it after giving birth to their child to relieve residual pelvic pain and others to get pregnant. On the other hand, some females want to build up relationships with their partners and improve their intimate experience. Or they want to bring harmony and peace to their lives, and that's what this whole procedure is all about. Whatever the purpose, the aim is the same - aligning with your higher self through the meditation to achieve inner peace. And when you indulge inthe process of meditation, you will realize how it helps you gain a better connection to the chosen Egg.

Once you taste freedom, you will no longer want to go back.


The Bottom Line

As can be concluded, meditation with Yoni Egg is your ideal way to realizing your dreams and finding a path to meet and accept with both hands your higher self. Since the yoni is the essence of divine feminine potency, it is vital to take special care of it. The meditation will help you explore your body and limits to perfection and more comfortable achieve the goal you had at the beginning of this whole procedure.

The beauty is in us, and these extraordinary gemstones are here to help us attain sublimity.

Once you get there, you will discover the most exalted ability to control and direct your sexuality, emotions, and power properly.


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October 28, 2020

Thank you for the information. I did my first yoni egg meditation and WOW! I felt the energy in my whole body, specially in my Yoni!

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