How Yoni Eggs can help you increase your O-gasm?

How Yoni Eggs can help you increase your Orgasm? Yoni_Egg_Journeys

Why Can it Be Difficult for a Woman to Get an Orgasm?

Every woman has probably experienced an O-gasm by stimulating her clitoris at least once in her life. But, when it comes to the vaginal one, most women just fantasized about it. The reasons are plenty: stress, vaginal tightness and tension, fear, se><ual trauma, a feeling of discomfort, and pain during sex. If this is your case, there is nothing to worry about because you are not alone. Besides, there is a solution to enhance the intimate relationship with your partner, and it lies in a small semi-precious stone called Yoni Egg.

This Crystal is specially designed to help women connect with their pelvic floor and enhance their overall health and well-being. When our pelvic muscles are firm, they aid us to keep our secret energy under control. That’s how a woman becomes more self-confident and more aware of her body’s limits. The stronger the pelvic muscles, the better the se><ual experience.


How Can Yoni Egg Support You During O-gasm?

Yoni Egg is created with the woman in mind to help her strengthen the bond with her pelvic floor in a healing, gentle, and honoring way. There is nothing shameful in using this Crystal in order to heal.

Here are three safe and proven ways to build up an unbreakable bond with your yoni:

  1. Increase sensitivity. A well-trained pelvic floor means a much more intense se><ual experience. This precious stone has a small weight inside it, so wearing it daily for a few hours means a firmer, trained, and more self-aware pelvic floor. It has the task of not “losing” a stone, so the muscles are more tensed this way. The more you practice with your Crystal, the stronger your connection to the pelvic floor. Additionally, Yoni Egg massages your yoni’s fascial tissue. That’s how your vagina becomes more sensitive and receptive to pleasure which automatically leads you to more potent and unforgettable O-gasms. When used regularly, consistently, and correctly over time, Yoni Egg contributes to nerve endings becoming more sensitive and awake. Not only will you gain more confidence in your body, but you will also become aware of the power your yoni has. It will doubtless have a positive impact on your intimate relationship with your partner.

  2. Relaxing. Yoni Egg helps your pelvic floor muscles on several levels, from assisting them to stay supple to helping them relax and soften. You have to be relaxed to put this stone inside your yoni, and you have to be relaxed enough to get it out. Simple as that! If you have a tight pelvic floor, Yoni Egg will massage the inner walls of the vagina, helping them gain elasticity and become more relaxed during se><ual experiences. On the other hand, if you would like to have a stronger pelvic floor, you can use this stone while doing your Kegel exercises. That’s how your yoni will become over time more juicy, flexible, and ready for powerful O-gasms!

  3. Sexual empowerment. For every woman who had traumatic se><ual experiences or so-called vaginal shutdown, practicing with Yoni Egg can only help them empowering their yoni. The vital is to ask your yoni if it’s ready to accept the Crystal and to listen to the messages your body sends to you. Don’t be too hard on yourself, and don’t push yourself. Once your vagina is ready, you will know. Respect your boundaries; that’s how you will gain more confidence in your body. The more aware of your yoni you are, the stronger the connection will be. Through regular Yoni Egg practice, you will regain confidence in yourself and your sexuality, your muscles will relax over time, and you will experience the most amazing O-gasms ever. All women need to establish a connection with their pelvic floor in order to enjoy their intimate experience. Once it happens, there will be no more limits for you because your strength is in your yoni.

How to Use Yoni Egg Properly?

For the Yoni Egg to really positively impact your se><ual life, you should wear it regularly and properly. What does it mean? It means that you should wear it on a weekly basis, starting from 10 to 15 minutes a day. It’s good to mention that you have to listen to your body and be aware of your limits not to harm your yoni. Maybe a 5-minute practice is a good start for you.

The most important is to be on the move because this is how you actually exercise. You have the task not to lose your Egg, so your muscles work for you. At first, it will probably fall out, but no worries. Over time, your pelvic floor muscles will become stronger and, therefore, will be able to carry the Crystal much longer.

Once you become more experienced while wearing your Yoni Egg, you can also practice relaxation by tensing and relaxing your muscles. This training will help you strengthen the muscles of the vagina and become more aware of its power and potential.

While wearing the Crystal, O-gasms are not expected because it’s all about a gentle and pleasant stimulation. Plus, you will be the only one who knows about your secret weapon inside your yoni, and it will undoubtedly contribute to the feeling of self-awareness and self-confidence.


To conclude, Yoni Eggs are not sex toys because their goal is not to bring you to O-gasm but to teach you to recognize your body’s desires and boundaries. Yoni Egg acts as a stimulator on the nerve sensors of your vagina, increasing its sensitivity and making it “more ready” to enjoy se><ual intercourse with your chosen one.

A well-trained pelvic floor and a firm connection between you and your vagina will intensify your O-gasms and strengthen the bond with your partner. Once you become aware of your yoni and its power, you will experience more intense pleasure and se><ual empowerment.

Yoni Egg is the key to a successful and healthy relationship with yourself and your partner.



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