All Yoni Eggs and Wands are Reiki Charged

Why You Should Have More Than One Yoni Egg

By now, you likely have an idea of how incredibly powerful the Yoni Egg is for your physical, mental, psychological, and sensual health.  You likely have some idea of how this extraordinary sacred sensual practice can have incredible benefits, both longterm and short term.  And if you aren’t far along in your journey or are just getting started, then your research has likely helped you see just how much you can do with your Yoni Egg.

Now it’s time to get the rainbow ready!

As you study the Yoni Eggs, you’ll note that they all have many similar attributes. All top-quality Yoni Eggs, especially those which are energized with appropriate intent, can help you with your calm, your happiness, your erotic health, and your sensual energy.  But each Yoni Egg has its own special effects. 

Some people wish to work with one Egg for a while before going to the second.  But many people prefer to get two or three at once, because you can gain so many useful permutations.  It gives you more options for every day.  What do you need in one day?  A calming stone, for soothing relief?  A lively, vitalizing egg to tackle problems?  A particularly loving egg for time with a partner?

And in advanced practice, you could use multiple Eggs in one day, or even create a weekly routine.  How great would it be to deal with not just a few of your challenges, but many of them?

The effects of multiple Yoni Eggs are also incredibly powerful for having a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts—which is to say that when you combine multiple Eggs, with multiple attributes, you don’t just get the individual attributes; you become more attuned to all of the vibrations, and find that all of the effects are increased, becoming stronger and more longterm.

Are you ready for your Yoni Egg Rainbow?  We’ve curated quite a collection for you!

A few of our favorite combinations:

Rose Quartz and Nephrite Jade “Pure Love”

Carnelian and Clear Quartz “Manifestation of Wishes”

Red Jasper and Green Aventurine "Adventurous Tantra"

In general, try combining any stones which focus on calm with stones that focus on passion, to achieve a perfect blending of the two!

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