How to use a Yoni Egg

December 07, 2019 2 min read

How to use a Yoni EggYoni_Egg_Journeys

A Yoni egg is a stone egg used to improve the physical and spiritual connection with the Yoni, as well as strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

In order to use it to its full potential, you must insert the egg into the Yoni and apply Yoni's egg practices.

How to String Yoni Egg:

How to insert Yoni Egg:

Start slow. Relax. String your Yoni Egg, if you can or choose to. Don’t rush the insertion of the egg, give yourself plenty of time to be ready and willing to accept the Yoni Egg. Be comfortable. Do not force Yoni Egg insertion. You can use circular motion to massage it in.

When the Egg is in your Yoni you can do many things with it.

Start with Basic exercises:

Breath and Squeeze Sequence:
Sit comfortably or lay down.
Inhale and squeeze your Yoni for a few seconds.
Exhale and relax the Yoni completely.
Repeat this 10 times.
Than for next 5 breaths, or until you are ready to resume, relax and feel your Yoni. Do not squeeze.
You can repeat this sequence as many times as you like.

Yoni Egg Bridge Exercise:
Lay down on your back.
Inhale and bring your tailbone up and gently squeeze the yoni for 4 seconds.
Exhale and bring yourself down, relax completely.
Repeat this 10 times.
Than return to laying position and relax.
Feel your Yoni.

Do Yoga poses with it:

Here is a Crescent Lunge pose.
It helps to tones the entire body, while creating stability and balance.
Stay in this pose for 30 seconds on each leg. Focus on your Yoni.
If your comfortable in the pose, combine it with breathing exercise:
Inhale and squeeze the Yoni for few seconds.
Exhale and release squeezing.

Meditate with a Yoni Egg:

This practice will help you to spiritually connect with the Yoni Egg.
Sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and focus your attention on your Yoni and feel the Egg with in her. Keep your awareness on the Yoni. Feel your inner energy vibrations and go deeper with in.
You can also listen to guided meditation as you have your Yoni Egg in.

This is only a list of the few thing that you can do with the Yoni Egg.
When you start your Yoni Egg Journey, you will discover that there is many more ways to use it and connect with it and yourself. Give it a try!

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