Tantric Energy Bonding for Couples with Yoni Egg

Tantric Energy Bonding for Couples with Yoni EggYoni_Egg_Journeys

In our busy lives, we rarely stop and pay attention to ourselves and our partner. When was the last time you enjoyed your intimate experience? And not to mention that a whole-body O-gasm without being touched is an unknown and unexplored field for most women. Having an O-gasm using only your energy, breath, and open senses don't need to be a dream and taboo anymore. Practicing Tantra could help you feel complete freedom and liberate your thoughts. Tantra means being in a full relationship with life, opening yourself, awareness, and emotions, and enjoying the present moment. It helps us realize who we are, creating an active merging of body and spirit. When we practice Tantra, we are actually starting to feel alive.


Tantric meaning and where the name Tantra comes from?

Tantra is a Sanskrit word meaning "woven together." Tantric s e x is an ancient Hindu practice and refers to the expansion of energy. Couples who already tried Tantric s e x defined it as a sense of "dissolving into each other." It's not about a marathon, but the main goal is to become enlightened, understand each other, and feel your partner's needs. Only when you open your senses, will you be ready to dive into the Tantric world and make an unbreakable bond with your chosen one.

The primary aim of this so-called slow form of s e x is to increase intimacy and create a great relationship with your partner, leading to unforgettable and fantastic O-gasms.


What is Tantric Bonding?

A Tantric relationship is not about the relationship that we are used to. It's about a healthy, sexual connection with a partner, that is open-minded and profound. Such relationships usually last longer, and being in the company of couples like this, probably makes you feel jealous. They are connected on all levels by an almost unbreakable bond because they have allowed diving into each other's body and soul.

A Tantric relationship is a conscious creation, which means that couples pick the type of relationship they want to create. They determine the rules of the relation, what kind of connection it will be, and, most importantly, all a matter of agreement. There is nothing bad or wrong in Tantra bonding; it's all about a choice and desire to explore yourself and your limits.

Tantric energy for couples bonding

A Tantric bonding is about union through accepting the small imperfections to the perfections we show to the world. By accepting ourselves, our messy parts, it's easier for us to accept others. Being united with your loved one, both physically and spiritually, psychologically, and personally, is what we all strive for.


How does Tantra energy work?

Practicing Tantra sometimes is not as easy as it seems, so here are a few tips on how to make a deeper relationship with your partner. Since the eyes are the windows to the soul, begin this exercise by focusing on your partner's eyes. The next step is to adjust your breathing with your partner's - breathe in and breathe out together. Then slowly move on to the following exercise - you inhale when he exhales, and vice versa. This exercise usually lasts about ten minutes. Then start kissing each other and always keep eye contact. Eye contact allows you to better connect to your partner, and the more you are connected, the higher the chances of a prolonged O-gasms. Postponing pleasure makes you feel amazing when the moment of release comes. It leads to deep emotional and sencual merging.


Why should you try Tantric s e x?

Practicing Tantric s e x can have a positive impact on your relationship in many ways. One of them is making a deep level of intimate contact with your loved one by synchronizing your breathing with your partner's. Then, by practicing Tantra, you will explore different parts of your bodies and minds. Making love for hours will bring more satisfaction and sincere pleasure to your intimate life. And finally, this method will show you an entirely new world, different from typical O-gasms.


How can Yoni Egg help with Tantric Bonding for couples?

Using a Yoni Egg allows you to exercise the muscles which you have probably never used. They are essential to liberate yourself to the maximum. These muscle contractions could make your sencual life a better experience. Yoni Egg helps increase the energetic flow, and it will undoubtedly bring more pleasure to your partner by using these muscles. Not only will you have a more in-depth physical connection but also a spiritual one.

How we s e x is how we everything, so don't be afraid of allowing your body to experiment and enter the Tantra world. A whole-body O-gasm is a dream of every woman. Yoni Egg works with our primordial creative energy and will help you better know your body and your needs and show you an entirely new world. When you feel good about your sencuality, you can bring more of that satisfied and beloved part of you into everything you do-from family, to work, to your intimate experience.

Not only everyone in your family can benefit from your energy, but also your partner. You will experience a whole new part of yourself, and you will fall in love with it very quickly.

Don't shut down your creative energy, and soon you will see the difference in all aspects of your life.

 Yoni Eggs for tantric practices and yoni egg benefits

The benefits of Yoni Egg

Yoni Egg works on four fundamental aspects of our life - physical, energetical, emotional, and spiritual. It allows you to control your pleasure, better know your body, and be secure in your sencuality. Here is some benefits that you can experience by connecting with your Yoni Egg on regular bases: 

Pleasure and self-confidence

The correct usage of Yoni Egg will help you relax the pelvic region allowing you to experience deeper intimacy with your body. It stimulates your sencual energy and strength and will help you realize what makes you feel satisfied. You get to know your yoni better, and it will also make you grow spiritually. During and after the practice, you will feel a charge of energy that will undoubtedly contribute to your pleasure and self-confidence.

Strengthen the bond with the partner

Yoni Egg is a powerful tool in your hands, so don't miss the chance to improve your life, including intimate ones. You will have more control over the pelvic floor muscles during sencual activity; it will increase the natural lubrication of the yoni and the ability to achieve O-gasm. Your relationship will be stronger than ever, and thanks to Yoni Egg, you will experience different sides of creativity, freedom, and satisfaction.

Yoni Egg has a positive effect on the whole organism

It's widely known that a Yoni Egg has a positive impact on the hormonal system. It reduces menopausal symptoms and painful menstrual periods, but it can also help with infertility problems. It increases blood circulation in and around your yoni, makes the pelvic floor muscles more durable, and helps with incontinence. Last but not least, a Yoni Egg can help cure the psychological suffering of a traumatic sencual experience.


It's all about the Primordial Energy

Primordial Energy has no start or ending, it just keeps changing between different forms. This energy is the one that on the starting point of its dissipation process with the highest degree of freedom of movement, then I can say the primordial energy is the free movement energy. 

A Tantric or so-called spiritual-sexual relationship is about having a good relationship with yourself and your partner. A healthy relationship is usually a long-lasting one, and we all want to experience such a bond. We were born as spiritual and open-hearted human beings. But, growing up, we meet all that is contrary to who we are. The first issue we face is limiting our heart sencual connection. And without that, we can't achieve a clear sense of self.

There is no easy path from fear to love. We need to face our fears to be able to accept all who we are. So, the better we know ourselves, the more we experience union with other people.


Self-awareness is the part of the journey

When people hear the word Tantra, their first thought is conscious sensuality. A conscious sensuality is being fully aware of your contact, energy, touch, and lovemaking. Many of us aren't aware of our sencual energy, and that's what this practice is all about. Self-awareness is a crucial part of your Tantric journey. You should bring awareness into the body, mind, present moment, and the energy that exists here and now. Be with that energy, and enjoy your new experience. An existing relationship is a good relationship, and that what Tantra is.

Don't be afraid to get to know yourself, because the beauties you will discover in the depths of your being, will make you repeat this practice more and more. Every man is a unique individual, and for that reason, self-awareness is an essential part of this process. By loving and accepting yourself, you are open to love someone else. Yoni Egg encourages us to be creative and be what we were given at birth - open-hearted human beings!

Tantric practice will make each person knowing better themselves and create a fantastic intimate relationship. A Tantric relationship is all about understanding each other, their needs, and letting your partner explore your body.

So, embrace all who you are and enjoy the present moment with all the heart!

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