All Yoni Eggs and Wands are Reiki Charged

Crystal Grid of New Beginning

We would like to share with you about Crystal Grids and a Seed of Life Secret Geometry Crystal Grid.

It is powerful grid that you can use to enhance the energy of your Yoni Egg, Wand and any crystal jewelry.


combine powerful crystal vibrations and sacred geometric energy, an energy which has been known to humans since thousands years ago. 

The Seed of Life

is the fundamental point of new beginnings. Lay out this grid whenever you are starting a new project, journey, or anything new, so it can begin from a place of oneness with the whole, and your journey can itself be one with the Cosmos.  
The grid can be helpful for inner self exploration work, too. 

Seed of Life Crystal Grid

Using the grid:

Place your Yoni Egg or Wand or any crystal in the middle of the Grid.
Use the stand or some protections so the egg will stay in the center and will not roll away. Then in your mind think of what you want and how would you feel in the accomplishment of it.

You can say the affirmation like: “I begin my journey with joy”.
Mentally send this message to the crystal and leave it at the center of the grid for couple of hours. 

Timing for the grid:

Traditionally, a day after winder solstice, a new moon, new year,
are the most auspicious times to begin new projects; any time of celestial renewal.

The upcoming New Moon of this year will be on February 23, 2020. 



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