Tips on Choosing your First Yoni Egg

April 22, 2020 3 min read

Tips on Choosing your first Yoni EggYoni_Egg_Journeys

What should you consider when purchasing your first Yoni Egg?

Each Yoni Egg is a handcrafted semiprecious gemstone with its own unique qualities. First gaze at the all the Eggs and see which one is catching your eye. Let your heart guide you. It's absolutely okay to be attracted by a particular color or shade--the eyes are the windows to the soul.

So look around, and see the many properties of Yoni Eggs. You may or may not be experienced with some of the aspects you'll discover, like Tantric or Tarot meanings. Don't worry! We've provided full descriptions to help you know what each stone can do for you.

Size recommendations for Yoni Eggs:

In general, for beginners and those new to the practice, I would suggest a drilled medium size egg; the drilled nature allows you to attach our drawstring for easy removal, and the size should be a good fit. For women have given vaginal birth, we recommend you start with drilled large egg. The smaller-sized eggs are more for advance practice.  You will work your way to that size on your journey!

  • Extra Small 1.2 in x 0.8 in (30*20mm)
  • Small 1.6 in x 1 in (40*25mm)
  • Medium 1.75 in x 1.2 in (45*30mm)
  • Large 2 in x 1.4 in (50*35mm)

The reason for different Yoni Egg sizes:

Each size is corresponds with a level of the awareness and connection to the Yoni and of your pelvic muscles. The more connected you get, the smaller size you can use.  That said, even if you are well aware of your Yoni you can always find benefits in bigger size as well, because each size exercises individual group of muscles and all of the sizes are helpful in their own unique way.

The difference between drilled and undrilled Yoni Eggs:

The drilled egg comes with the hole and it can be stringed. It will be easy to pull it out when you are done with your practice. Undrilled egg has no whole, so you would need to push it out with your muscles. 

The top choices for the first Yoni Egg

In general the top choices for the first Yoni Egg are Black Obsidian, Rouse Quartz, Nephrite Jade, and Red Jasper. 

Black Obsidian "Cleansing and Detoxing" 

 The Black Obsidian Yoni Egg is one of the secrets of a better energetic life.  As we go through our daily lives, we pick up a tremendous amount of negative energy, in the stresses of our jobs, the news, and the simple rough-and-tumble of circumstance.  The Black Obsidian Yoni Egg will absorb that force and remove it painlessly from your body, straining it out like a charcoal filter gets rid of impurities in liquid. It also helps “immunize” you, to keep negative energy out!

Rose Quartz "Love and Self Love"






Rose Quartz in general, matching its roseate colors with emotions, is known to promote and develop love of every kind, from passionate feelings towards a partner, to the fierce love of friends and things which matter to you. In the Rose Quartz Yoni Egg is the potency to seek out unconditional love, and the healing processes within.  It helps you open yourself up to self-love, one of the most restorative things you can find anywhere.

Nephrite Jade "Protective and Gentle Purity"



Confidence, security, stability: they’re all parts of the strength and resilience that’s already inside you, and just needs to be brought out.  The Nephrite Jade Egg’s healing, puissant energy quietly pulses through your body, building a lasting connection between your potential and your current life.

Red Jasper "Tantra & Tranquility"








The Red Jasper Yoni Egg is very grounded in the earth, and in turn, it grounds you. That’s critical, because you need to prevent burnout. And that means you need to have something that will ground you, let you sink your spiritual roots deep into the safe solidity of the earth, proving support in periods of stress, and sorting your energy. The Red Jasper Yoni Egg helps you end situations which are no longer healthy or no longer serve your needs, getting rid of negative energies. Practice with the Red Jasper Yoni Egg induces a tranquil, blissful feeling which pervades your body, mind, and astral self.

There's no wrong choice. Follow your heart. And if you have any questions, just get in touch--we always love talking about our passion for Yoni Egg Journey

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