How to clean your Yoni Egg and Wand

How to clean your Yoni Egg and WandYoni_Egg_Journeys

It is essential to clean your Yoni or Jade Egg Crystals on a regular bases. This methods can be used to clean your Crystal Wand, Jewelry, or any other Crystal Gemstones that you have.
In this article I will give you several ways that you can use to keep your beautiful Egg clean and energized.

Let me say that crystals have their one vibrations and intelligence. They also soak up vibrations, positive and negative, by absorbing energy from anyone who handles them and the environment in general. Therefore, unless the Yoni Egg is cleansed, it will carry the energy from everyone who handled it, or the place where it spends time. Even if you did an initial cleansing of your Yoni Egg, it is a good idea to have it cleansed and re-energized at least once a month, so you will have fresh and vibrant egg.

Boiled water:

The first step to physically clean your Yoni Egg is to boil up some purified or distilled water and pour it in a bowl to let it cool off a little up to 5 minutes depending on how much you boiled the water. Then place your Yoni Egg in the water for 10 to 15 minutes, rinse the Egg off and leave it to dry. You can also add couple of drops of Tea Tree Oil in to the water bowl, or a light solution of natural soap or apple cider vinegar. In all cases, always rinse your egg well after the wash.

Second step is to energetically cleanse your Yoni Egg and there is several different ways.

Running water:

This is the simplest and easiest way. Take you Egg and place it under running water, it can be a faucet or preferably a stream or spring. As you holding it, focus on how your egg feels, in you mind tell it to restore to its original vibration and get purity from any external ones. Feel how the water removes any heavy energy from it and as it does, your Yoni egg will start to feel lighter. This can take from under a minute to several minutes, depends on you and the Crystal.


One of my favorite ways is to Smudge my Yoni Eggs with a Sage Smudging Stick or Palo Santo Sticks.
Sage is a sacred plant that has been used since ancient times to purify space and objects. The smoke of it is believed to drive out negative energy and restore balance.
Palo Santo another excellent smudging stick that will cleanse the Yoni Egg Crystal. Palo Santo means “holy wood” in Spanish. Is is believed that the smoke provides therapeutic healing and calming energy.

To smudge or sage your Yoni Egg you will need: 1 smudge stick , 1 abalone shell or fireproof container to catch ashes (ceramic palate will work), lighter or matches, and your Yoni Egg.

1. Ask the spirit of Sage or Palo Santo to help you purify and cleanse your crystal. Hold the smudge stick over the fireproof container and light it up. Let it catch fire and burn for 30 seconds. Then blow it out.
2. As the smoke rises from the stick hold your Egg over it. Let the smoke cover every site of the Crystal. Say the words out loud or silently: “I ask the smoke of the Sage (Palo Santo) to remove and release any negative energy from this Yoni Egg”
3. When you’re done, extinguish the smudging stick.

Note:I recommend doing the smudging outside, or in well ventilated space.

WARNING: A lit smudge stick should not be left burning while unattended, and care should be used when extinguishing smoldering sticks.

Brown Rice:

It is believed that brown rice observes negative energy and can be used to clean your Yoni Egg Crystal. Here are the steps: Place your egg in a deep bowl and cover it with brown rice. Say the words out loud or silently: “I ask the Brown Rice to remove and release any negative energy from this Yoni Egg”. Leave the egg for at least 3 hours, or overnight in the ball with rice. After the cleansing, throw the rice away.


Certain crystals have the ability to cleanse other crystals. Keep a Carnelian stone in a bag with your Yoni Egg and it will keep your egg energetically cleansed. You do need to cleanse the Carnelian stone periodically with one of the methods that mentioned above.

After every energy cleaning ritual, rinse your egg well and place your Yoni Egg in the sun or under moon light, so it can be recharge.


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