What is Yoni Egg Yoga and its Benefits?

What is Yoni Egg Yoga and its Benefits?Yoni_Egg_Journeys

The origins and history of Yoga

Dated back to ancient India and 5000 years ago, the word Yoga was first mentioned in the oldest sacred texts, the Rig Veda (a collection of texts containing songs and rituals utilized by the Vedic priests). Yoga is a connection of physical, mental, and spiritual exercises that focus on the pelvic muscles. Combined with proper breathing, Yoga helps people worldwide to strengthen their body, mind, soul and learn how to correctly channel their energy for a better and more quality life.

Speaking of the pelvic muscles, the American gynecologist Dr. Arnold Kegel promoted the famous Kegel exercises as the perfect way of building up the pelvic floor. Although the Yoni Yoga exercise came from ancient China and was reserved only for the royal concubines, today, it's available to women worldwide.

At the end of the 19th century, Yoga started to gain popularity in the West.

As already known, you can perform Yoga with or without Yoni Egg. By adding Yoni Egg to your Yoga ritual, you will experience a whole new workout level and will have the opportunity to connect with your inner self.


Upgrade Kegels by adding a Yoni Egg in Yoni Yoga 

Upgrade Kegels by adding a Yoni Egg

You can improve your training in two ways:

  1. Using a Yoni Egg during your Yoga practice, you will enhance your psychophysical condition, empower feminine energy, and expand awareness. During Yoni Yoga, try to focus on contracting and releasing your pelvic floor muscles while breathing.

  2. Since Yoni Eggs have their own weight, you will have excellent resistance training that your body and mind will adore. By adding Yoni Egg to your Yoga routine, you will replace negative thoughts with positive ones, and your yoni will enjoy this new challenge like never before! You can also profit from some advanced exercises, such as vaginal weight lifting or Vaginal Kung Fu. It refers to a drilled Egg because it has a string where you can attach weights. This Yoni Egg exercise is the fun way of strengthening your pelvic floor in which your yoni will gladly immerse into!


Yoni Egg Yoga Benefits

By adding a Yoni Egg to your Yoga, you will experience a whole new world of training. You will move the muscles you even didn't know existed, and you will free your mind from all the negativity. With senses widely open, you will get to know your body and its limits better, and you will meet a new level of enjoyment as well as multiple O-gasms.

Here are the benefits of Yoni Yoga that will lead you to complete freedom:

  • Teaches you self-love, self-esteem, and self-confidence
  • Strengthens your pelvic floor, body, and mind
  • Brings your yoni to unforgettable pleasures
  • Develops heightened eroticism
  • Transforms negative energy into positive
  • Enhances your relationship with your sexuality
  • Increases sexual satisfaction and brings you to multiple O-gasms
  • Helps you to meet your powerful and sacred femininity
  • Cultivates and strengthens the bond with your yoni
  • Supports your determination to take action
  • Enriches your body, mind, and soul at the same time.


Yoni Egg Yoga Benefits

Yoni Yoga Features

Everyone should have the sacred ritual that will be some escape from the world and at the same time a confrontation with it. With the proper Yoni Egg exercise, you will bring light into your gloomy days and will change your lifestyle from the bottom up. Yoni Egg Yoga plays a vital role in getting to know yourself better by releasing your mind and body and opening your senses to your yoni and the world. Soon you will realize how mighty the feminine energy is, and Yoga will become an inseparable part of your daily routine.

Let Yoni Yoga be your daily reminder to align your actions with your values.

The primary characteristics of Yoni Yoga are:

  • Supports any style of Yoga
  • Yoni Yoga is not only about physical but also spiritual reinforcing
  • It focuses mainly on the pelvic floor, moving the muscles you forgot about
  • You can train with the natural weight of Yoni Egg or by adding weights for advanced exercises
  • Nephrite Jade is ideal for this kind of practice because it is strong and stable, crucial in Vaginal Kung Fu.


Yoni Yoga Exercises

Once you insert the Yoni Egg, the Yoni Yoga ritual can begin. It's crucial to concentrate on deep, controlled breathing during each yoga pose. Here are a few exercises to work from home, from beginner to advanced:

  1. Bridge Pose. It's a basic and well-known exercise everyone could do. Start by lying on your back with knees bent and feet on the floor. Inhale while lifting your hips, hold the breath for up to one minute and then exhale as you slowly come down. Repeat the exercise as long as you feel comfortable with it.
  2. Wall Pose. First, you should lay on your back with legs together pressed flat against the wall. Inhale while letting your legs make a "V" shape and doing a Kegel contraction. Exhale while relaxing your pelvic floor and bringing your legs back together. Repeat the exercise as long as you feel comfortable with it.
  3. Frog Pose. Begin this practice on your hands and knees. Spread your knees as far as you can. Inhale while elongating the upper body and doing the Kegel contraction. Exhale and relax your pelvic floor. Repeat the exercise as long as you feel comfortable with it.
  4. Squat Pose.Pose your legs shoulder-width apart and squat as more profound as you can. Hold the position while contracting and relaxing your muscles. It's the perfect exercise for Vaginal Kung Fu. Repeat the exercise as long as you feel comfortable with it.

Bottom Line

You can practice Yoni Egg exercises as much as you want and feel ready for it. The reasons for performing Yoni Egg Yoga are numerous, from releasing your mind while paying attention to your breath and focusing on your goals to getting to know your body and limits better to practicing gratitude and self-esteem. Incorporating a Yoni Egg into your life is what you were searching for for a long time, and you finally have a chance to surrender to yourself and your passions and allow your feminine energy to guide you through life.

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