What to choose: Undrilled or Drilled Yoni Egg?

What to choose: Undrilled or Drilled Yoni Egg. Benefits Pros and Cons

Numerous women worldwide have asked us when choosing their first Yoni Egg, what is the differences between drilled and undrilled Yoni Eggs.

Drilled Yoni Egg comes with the hole and it can be stringed. It will be easy to pull it out when you are done with your practice. 

Undrilled Yoni Egg has no whole, so you would need to push it out with your muscles. 

As the muscles of the pelvic floor getting more stronger, and your connection to them increases, you can use the egg without string or get Undrilled one. In most cases, the fear of losing their Crystal while wearing it prevails, so many of them opt for a drilled one. Thanks to the attached string, drilled Yoni Egg gives them a sense of control over it as well as the ability to pull it out effortlessly.

In the next few lines, we will explain both Yoni Eggs' main characteristics to make it easier for you to pick the right one.

Red Jasper Drilled Yoni Egg Medium size

Drilled Yoni Eggs

String as a form of psychological security

A drilled Yoni Egg has a tiny hole drilled through it near the stone's smaller end, which allows you to string the Egg. Many women to whom this is an entirely new experience have a problem with relaxation, trust, and letting go. The fear of the Egg getting stuck sometimes is so intense that it can cause a panic attack for some women. String infuses them with confidence, security, and a sense of control, so having it is a great opportunity to build trust with your yoni.

The more you get to know your body, the more powerful you will be. Believe it or not, the Crystal has nowhere to go! The vagina has side and back walls, and the fear of losing your Egg inside the vaginal canal is unjustified. Still, you will realize it later when you become aware of how mighty your yoni actually is.


Vaginal Kung Fu

If you opt for a drilled Yoni Egg, you will have the occasion to enjoy some exercises that you can't perform with an undrilled stone, including advanced Kegel exercise or vaginal weight lifting.

By adding a string to your drilled Egg, you will be able to give a little tug to add resistance to the stone while running through the Kegel exercises.

Vaginal weight lifting, also known as Vaginal Kung Fu, implies attaching weights to the string's end. Usually, when learning Vaginal Kung Fu, the stone will fall out and hit the ground, so you have to pick the sturdy stone. Nephrite Jade is the best option for this type of practice because it's the strongest in structure and won't break when it falls. Not only will you strengthen your pelvic floor, but you will also absolutely enjoy this practice. If you are ready for multiple O-gasms and life-changing pleasure, just go for it!


Does the hole affect the stone's energy?

The quick answer to this question is no!
Although there are a lot of rumors about how the Egg slowly but surely loses its energy thanks to these holes, this is not an actual fact about gemstone energy. Since the stone has already been carved and tumbled, the hole can't affect the stone's properties, nor can it change them. The Crystal is still the powerful tool your yoni will adore!



It's generally known that the yoni is full of nerve endings and sensitive points that, with proper stimulation, can lead a woman to countless O-gasms and acquaintance with her higher self. Accordingly, you can utilize a string to stimulate these points and enjoy the whole new way of relaxation and getting to know your body.


It's a bit harder to clean a drilled Yoni Egg

Cleaning your Egg is much easier when there is no hole that needs extra attentiveness, and it's sometimes the deciding factor in choosing the Crystal. You can clean the holes by running water through them or by soaking in water and Tea Tree oil. For the bigger holes, you can also use a pipe cleaner.

When cleansing a drilled Egg, you should pay attention to the drilled hole and blow the water out of it when rinsing.

As you can see, it's not impossible to clean it, but it's a tedious process not everyone wants to go through.

 How to string a yoni egg in 5 easy steps

How to string a Yoni Egg?

Before the Yoni Egg practice, you will have to string your gemstone. If you are not sure how to do it, just follow the steps below, and your Crystal will be ready in minutes for a long-desired moment!

The first move is to take about 18 inches of the cotton twine. If you don't have it, unwaxed dental floss, or other type of twine can also serve. Then loop the twine through both holes and make a secure knot with the two loose ends in part furthest from the Crystal. Make sure to haveenough extra twine to give you a good handle on your stone. Soon, you will have a perfect drilled Yoni Egg ready to use!

Note: Every time you want to wear your gemstone, you will need a new and clean piece of twine or unflavored unwaxed dental floss. For your convenience we put together a stringing kit


Green Aventurine Yoni Egg Undrilled Medium size

Undrilled Yoni Eggs 

Perfect for trust-building

There is a level of trust that comes with utilizing an undrilled Egg. The more you are connected to your Yoni, the more powerful it will be. To gain confidence in it, you can practice with undrilled Yoni Egg, or unstring drilled Yoni Egg. During your exercise, practice to push out your egg several times. Over time, you will develop confidence that you can push it out at will.


How to pull it out?

The main difference between drilled and undrilled Yoni Egg is because the first one has holes, so you can string it and pull it out easier once you're done with your practice. On the other hand, you should push the undrilled stone out with your vaginal muscles. You can perform it while standing, sitting, or squatting, whichever is more comfortable for you. This is precisely why an undrilled Egg is the best option for women that already have some experience with the Yoni Egg practice and are firmly connected with it.


No extra cleaning required

As we have already mentioned, the Egg is much easier to clean when there are no holes. There are many ways of cleansing the Crystal, but the most common way is putting it in warm salty water or washing it with a mild soap. There is no additional hole cleaning, and for that reason, many women opt for an undrilled Yoni Egg.


An excellent choice for spiritual practice

For all women who like to meditate, an undrilled Yoni Egg could be the perfect addition to their spiritual practice. It will undoubtedly help you get to know your body and its limits easier, and it will be your guide to the inner self.


Strengthens your pelvic muscles

Women also use undrilled Yoni Eggs to strengthen their pelvic floor because these Crystals naturally have weight. Even maintaining them inside the yoni can lead to the yoni growing stronger. Additionally, the Egg helps stimulate enhanced nerve-ending growth so that you will become more aware of your yoni and control your muscles.

Typically after two to four weeks of wearing the gemstone, your yoni muscles will tone up noticeably. Over time they will become so strong that you will be able to hold your undrilled Yoni Egg for as long as you like and push it out comfortably.



Now that you know the  pros and cons of Drilled and Undrilled Yoni Egg you can make a decision what will suit you best. As for the type of Yoni Egg you can follow your intuition. Choose the Crystal you are comfortable with, and you will not go wrong. If you need additional guidance in choosing your Yoni Egg, we have a dedicated page for it. If your heart beats hard for one Egg, just go for it! And remember, there is no wrong choice!

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